It seems like only yesterday you sing Lullabies to euthanize the tiny baby in the arms. But suddenly, imperceptibly, the tiny baby has grown into a pretty girl or handsome hero who was growing up. It is certain there will be many questions that came to mind of a preteen about the changes that happened.
How can accompany puberty?

– Honest and open. Let your child know that you are always there for him at all times, to help answer questions as they arise. There is also a good idea to schedule a regular time to talk heart to heart with him, for example, every Saturday morning to accompany you while watering the plants.
Answer each question honestly and openly. If you have questions you can not answer, consult a doctor in the schedule next visit.

– Talk early. When children at the age of 8 years, although not yet entered puberty, not hurt you broach the subject of puberty. Ideally, girls talk to mama, and a boy with his father. By discussing this issue since the beginning, the preteens will already be ready when the changes in her body began to emerge.

In girls, it is especially useful to overcome the shock and fear when it appeared for the first time menstruation. To initiate a conversation, you can tell their own experience when undergoing puberty.

– Teach practical steps. Most of the girls are more interested-and often more useful it is for them, when you talk about the practical steps when facing puberty. For example, how to choose a bra that fits and what he should do when menstruation came when he was in school.

Be useful if you equip your little girl with a bandage and a change of clothes for the stashed in a locker at school, just in case. For boys, you can teach him how to shave and (probably) gave deodorant scent to anticipate the “typical” adult arise in the future.

– Provide a sense of security. Girls sometimes show a feeling insecure about her appearance, especially when the signs of puberty in the body occur earlier than their peers. To restore his confidence, reassure your little girl that every person has a period of growth, different-some earlier and some are slower. But one thing for sure is all the girls going through what happened to him anyway.


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