Parents in the 21st century faced with a very different challenges with the previous generation. In the era of information and higher level of education, parents were flooded with a variety of information, suggestions, and instructions in their role.  Various kind of information such as educaional games, process the organic healthy food, how to stimulate brain development, discipline the children effectively, maintain safety child in the public places, innovation the latest educational trends and etc.

As a parent who wants the best thing for their children, we are very eager to devour the useful informations and give invesment time, money, and effort, all the best resources that we can givi to aour child.

It’s a natural instinct that God has given to each parent to maintain dan prepare the next generation to be better. In the old days, parents gets advice from the older people dan friends. But now with internet, we are easily looking for information. It has become a lifestyle of modern people.

The first negative impact is a sense of worry and excessive guit. After reading all kinds of the latest information, a natural reaction of parents is to give and to condition their children to follow the positive suggestions. In fact, every parent has limited manpower, money, time or talent. Our attention foccused to things that we were not able to give to our children and we feel worried and guilty if our children can not grow well and maximum caused by deficiency and our inability.

The second negative impact is a flood of information that comes to us every day, it is very easy for us to forget things that are fundamental and important, things that are essential. The focus of our attention was drawn to things that are secondary and always stimulated by the new information.

It is important to remember the things that are essential in a child’s world. The essential elements of this already available from time immemorial, the Lord just gave from early man to modern man. God is fair to provide equal opportunities for rich and poor to provide the best for their children.

Things are essential question is love and hope. And we can not find the form of love and hope that is purer for children than they could earn in their respective families. Although every family has shortcomings and limitations, but every parent has a source of love and hope that is not limited to their children. And the kids will grow up automatically if conditioned to grow in a family environment that is running this essential role.

The manifestation of love comes in many forms. For the children, love often appears in the form of patience, sacrifice, and time. A small child will thrive much better when playing with his parents even if only with simple toys rather than be left alone to play with electronic toys.

The patience of parents in teaching and disciplining their child repeatedly is one of the most beautiful spectacle in the world, a sacrifice in the form of concrete. Because with through repeated teaching children absorb about the workings of the material world and the basic norms which will affect the core of their personality until adulthood.

Time and patience that we invest to our children in forming good habits and character much more useful and valuable than all the encyclopedias that we can provide. In the future of world work, if a worker lacks knowledge or expertise, it can easily be solved by training and teaching. But when faced with ethical issues, habits and character that is not good, it is usually difficult to be changed and will greatly affect his career and his future.

The second essential thing is hope. Hope in the form of more refined family his form and go into the family atmosphere in the conversation, prayer, jokes, attitude, effort, and animates other family activities. Hope from the deepest heart of the parents are very natural to appear for a better life and meaningful for their children. Expectation is different from the personal ambitions of parents who lived through their children. The hope of soothing nature sound and unselfish.

Hope subtly direct the whole thought and energy, and family activities in a positive direction. Although small children can not articulate, but they can catch and understand the expectations of their parents. This will encourage them to grow healthy and persevere to achieve a vision for the future. This expectation is embedded in the subconscious of childhood and motivation will be the foundation of their lives.

Love and hope parents will open the hearts of children, forming connections and understanding relationships strong heart between parents and children. Children will be very responsive to the wishes of parents, the values of life of older people will be transferred and firmly planted in the hearts of children. Parents will be better understood and understand the uniqueness of God’s gift of children. Parents with more wisely able to teach and direct their children. If this pattern continues a healthy relationship is established from an early age until the child becomes an adult, the juvenile delinquency and rebellion would be less likely.

It is not wrong to equip yourself with information that is useful in carrying out our role as parents. As our wise people there is always a desire to learn to improve themselves and improve our ability. But do not let our focus be diverted from the basic things that are important. Moreover, if the result of guilt, worry or excessive burning parents’ ambitions.

Every family situation is different, but the problem of educating children is the essential problem, the principal and the long-term effects. We are all given the same capital by God is a heart of parents who have a source of love and hope abound for our children.

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