Children’s world is a world of play, which is a world full of spirit if associated with a fun ambience. Than, when a parent wants to develop intelligence that exist in their children, the fact that children love pleasing thing that should not be overlooked. Guidance and education provided to children should be in harmony with the things that interest and fun.

An understanding of the world play on the child is not necessarily all matters relating to the child must be delivered to play. It could be what we are taught to our children is a serious problem, but before we said that, in order to attract the attention of the child, need preceded by the game or stimulating fun. In the middle of the seriousness of learning, also need occasionally a distraction fun for children.

There are some parents who love education and refraction they did to their children with seriously and full of tension. They argued that this way could form the character has high discipline and believed to be more memorable.


However, in my opinion, although there is a success with the way, actually in psychologically children experience the uncomfortable ambience and feel presssured. If this happens, it means kontrapoduktif with educational goals liberate and enlighten children.

Hopefully with grows and develops in a pleasant ambience, the intelligence of children can develop with more leverage.

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