Exercises and speech therapy is the treatment of children and adults who have difficulty communicating. In children, speech difficulties can be caused cleft lip condition, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, stuttering, impaired verbal, phonetic disorders, and so on. In adults, difficulty speaking may occur because of aphasia (lost the ability of speech partially) after suffering from Parkinson’s Dementia, in head and neck cancer, and stroke.
In a case published by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, England, a 3-year olds reportedly suffered verbal disturbance. The child is difficult to say what you want to say, so often mocked peers. After three years of intensive speech therapy, children are changing and improving literacy skills. It said Dewi, son of late to talkor difficult to express the desire, need to be examined development experts (pediatrician or psychologist). “When you come up with a complaint can not talk, children can be examined in the clinic occupation. The aim is to improve the basic ability of speaking, “said Goddard. In the same period, children are also trained in issuing certain vocal. In the next stage, children are trained pronounce phonemes, and so on.


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